Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's been a while...

Since I took the time to sit down and just blog because it feels good.  I spend a lot of time studying and doing school work, and that's about all I really do anymore.  Raven is big on telling me that I don't need to study, but I have always been very proactive in my learning, and even though I am familiar with the material, I feel that the reason I am good at what I do is because I do spend a lot of time studying and pursuing those goals. I sometimes think I don't spend enough time studying, to be honest, but that is just part of who I am.

I am getting ready to spend more time doing the household chores than I have been, but that is because Raven got an awesome spot at the zoo for the winter and will probably be working 6 twelve hour shifts per week.  That's awesome because we really need the income.  I've been really stressed about making sure I have the money to pay the bills lately, and have been skimping on some things.  Not that I want to skimp on the bills, but I have had to simply figure out what I absolutely must pay, and what I can skip because that's all we have.

I haven't spent the time I should on myself and being uber stressed hasn't helped it any.  Hopefully a lot of that will change over the next few weeks.  If I have more time, well, I take that back, I am not going to have any more time until I am out of school, BUT if I have less stress, I'll get more done and I'll feel better.

A big part of my stress load went down recently with finding out that I got WIA sponsorship finally.  I got to pick up the books I had been missing for school last Wednesday and I was able to get some other supplies I needed Monday.  All of my fees and tuition is paid next trimester as well as the fee for my NCLEX and my licensing fee and like $500 for gas.  I won't get any gas cards until the first week of next month, but just knowing that they are coming is such a huge help and relief.


Ok so now that I have done a bit of rambling, I do feel a bit better.  See I knew I needed to sit down and write since I was kind of feeling it.

I don't think that we are going to have much of a fall this year.  It's a real shame since it's one of my favorite seasons.  I have a feeling that we are going to go pretty much straight from summer to winter without much of a demarcation.  I mean yesterday it was 81 degrees and today it's 47!  I know I live in East Tennessee, but come on!

I have to go outside in a bit and swaddle my pole beans in a sheet, and cover my pepper plants.  I have a feeling that we will get our first frost tonight and I don't want to lose anything, especially the ghost peppers I have been trying to get going!

Speaking of the ghost peppers, they are doing well.  A little over a foot tall now, and I can't even touch the leaves bare handed.  It seems that the plants have capsacin even in the leaves, so the peppers should be interesting when I actually get fruit from them :)  The jalapeno is also trying to come back.  When I got it in the ground, it looked like a dried stick I had just stuck in the dirt.  Now it has had some blooms on it and is trying to make more fruit.  I plan on having Raven dig it up too.  I just have to get some brackets from the store and a piece of wood to use for a shelf in the laundry room.  I am betting that I am going to be spending some money on a light for them too.  I mean I want them to live and they need more than just light from a regular bulb.

I think I might need to be browsing the web for some indoor growing supplies...