Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Before" pics of the yard.

Well, sort of before, LOL.  I did make the bed in front of the wooden fence today, and all the other stuff is more or less, left over from last year.  

The flower bed I put in today

This picture was made from the front of our place.  The rain barrel sits on the corner of the porch directly to the right, the driveway is right there also.  This bed has 2 roses in it currently, though I have some things ordered for it. I can't wait until they get here.  The things included for this bed are :  a zebra grass for the back corner, a passion flower clematis to climb the fencing, some balloon flowers, Ithuriel's spears,a purple d'Oro lily, poppy anemones, some lewisia, and a sedum border.  Some of the items came in a larger amount that I will use, so I may end up giving some of the extra plants away if I don't find a spot for them all in the other spots. 

Future location of raised bed.
This photo shows the side yard of the house and the lumber that a friend donated to me so that I can build a raised bed to keep my hot peppers away from everything else.   Incidentally, this is where I am going to put that raised bed. 

You can kind of see the side area here.  That big pot on the right of the frame has Sugar Daddy peas in it.  There are some smaller pots that you can sort of see to the left that have Kentucky wonder pole beans in them.  

In this picture, you can see one of the pots that has beans in it.  The window box planter on the ground has spinach in it, the two on the table have 2 kinds of lettuce in them.  There is a small pot next to the house on that table that has oregano in it.   The bed to the left of this picture still needs some work coming out of the spring.  The 3 pots in the front of it have 3 kinds of mint: mint julep, chocolate mint, and pineapple mint.  There is also a basil plant there, as well as a citronella with marigolds planted all around it in the big pot (back right of the bed) and the big pot to the left has evening primrose, the beige pot in front of that has white sage planted in it.   Immediately next to this bed, you can see the bamboo stakes where my tomatoes go.  

Now, you can see the back of the apartment.  I plan on closing in a narrow bed around the tomatoes and running it along the back of the apartment and I have sweet peppers to go in there, and a cucumber, some dill and super snappy peas.  

i think I have my hands full this year, but it sure does feel good!

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