Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting healthier... little things leading to success

So, I thought it might be good for me to sit down and write about the things that are adding up to success for me and what they mean to me right now.

First thing is, I have been asking Raven nonstop if he notices a difference in my body since I have been losing weight.  What I keep hearing is "Not really, I see you everyday."  That changed Sunday afternoon.  With out being asked or anything, he finally saw a huge change in how I look and what my body is doing.  All he had to say was "DAYUM BABY!"


I had another a-ha moment at school today when a class mate asked me how much weight I have lost, and told me that is shows and I look great.  While I still don't feel like I have lost a huge amount (12 pounds), I know it does make a difference, and I can't wait until I have lost a lot more.

Some of the things that are making me successful are knowing that I need to portion things.  When I started playing at trying to lose weight last year, i invested in a digital scale from Walmart.  Some of the best money I have spent.  While $20 is not a lot, it has sure been worth it to me.  I have found that if I portion things out and have snacks and meals ready, i do a lot better.  I don't have to guess what a portion is, or spend time getting it all ready every morning before I leave.  I have a basket of snacks ready to go on the table, and my lunches made up in the fridge.  I throw it in my lunch box and head out the door.

Taking the extra time to cook up food and portion it is a big time saver, and a waist saver.  When I come home from the store, any snack that is not already in individual portions gets put that way fast.  I refuse to chance eating a whole bag of snack mix and ruining my diet for the week by being lazy.  It also doesn't take me any longer to cook 4 chicken breasts than it does to cook 2, and I have at least 2 lunches done for the next couple of days.

Learning to weigh and measure things has been a big step for me.  It takes dedication to make yourself weigh or measure everything you put in to your body.  Committing to doing it, and following through is making my goals turn in to realities.  I had this conversation today with another class mate who asked me what I was doing to lose weight.  Measuring what you put in to your body is crucial.

Not circling the parking lot for a close space.  I don't mind the walking any more.  Even if I'm in a hurry, I still park where ever I happen to find a space and just go on in.  It may not seem like a lot of extra walking, but every step adds up.

Being dedicated to getting my workouts in during the week.  I know that in order to be successful at my goals, I have to work for it.  I didn't gain all this weight overnight and there is no magic pill or word that is going to take it off overnight.  I have to earn it.  It's not going to be easy.  It is going to require continued dedication, sweat, and probably a few unkind names to my treadmill.  It's ok, she can take it.

Anyway, those are some things I have thought about lately, and I thought it might help someone else... or inspire someone to get to work themselves.


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