Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wasting time

I am officially wasting time right now.  I'm at work and the floor I was on dropped down to 8 patients, so they aren't allowed to have an assistant anymore.  So, I got moved to another floor to do a one to one.  Which means they have a patient who is a risk to themselves in some fashion, and they need someone to basically baby sit them so they don't harm themselves.  This particular patient is not on the floor yet, so I am just sitting here waiting on them to get up from the ER.

So I didn't want to get in to anything big like the recipe I've been wanting to get done on my cooking blog, so here I sit pondering the quandries that always seem to happen here at work.  Just like every other job on the planet, this one isn't perfect.  There are people who never seem to do anything and never get in trouble and there are those who work their butts off but are always in trouble.  There are people who are a pain in the ass to work with and always seem to find a way to make more work for someone else. 

Right now, I am curious why the ICU always calls me to come and help them.  I came down from another floor earlier and helped them, to see the CNA for that floor pushing a linen cart.  She said she asked them why they didn't call her and their response was that she was really busy.  I can understand that, but when I come down to help them, she was pushing a linen cart down the hall.  That's not busy.  Linens can wait until everything else is done.  But that isn't so much what bothers me.  What bothers me is that it never seems to matter how many patients I have or how busy I am, they always call me.  ALWAYS.  It be ok if they ever came out to help me when I'm busy and they aren't, but that never happens.  It's always that I have to go help them out and I never get the extra help.

Oh well,  I am tired of bitching about it right now.  So I am going to post this and stand at the door and wait for my patient.  Sorry to spend a whole blog whining, but it is my blog, LOL!

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