Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A few LOL cats

A couple of my friends are in to the kittehs and seeing the LOL cats always makes me think of them.  Yes Baker, you are one of those friends.  So, another friend on Facebook had a lot of these posted and I almost peed in my pants looking through them.
Especially this one.  I think Raven and I almost fell off the bed.  Considering the week we have been having, it felt really good to laugh!
I really need to get to work and get my blog updated with the events of this last week, but for now, the laughing is good!
hehehe  gamer kitteh
I do also have to pick up a few things from the store today and I need to do some research for a friend, too.

*giggle* evil plotting kitty!

This one is for meg, and I hope it makes you laugh out loud!

So I will save some for another time, but I have just one more and Raven and I are both hysterical every time we see it.

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