Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shocked and Apalled

I really should be sleeping but I can't get my mind of of the last thing I did at school today. I'm doing my mental health rotation, and today I was with the mobile crisis ten of oak ridge.

There want really anything going on, and you can't schedule a crisis so I spent some time going through old call sheets. They keep a record of every call they receive, and I saw that a lot of calls are for people seeking drug and alcohol rehab. most of the records show that the client was advised to go to the ER to be evaluated so I asked the team what kind of treatment options are out there.

There are very few places that most people would consider 'rehab.' Most programs are a few days in the hospital to stabilize clients and then they are discharged and expected to do out patient treatment.

There are NO rehab programs available for meth. As big a problem that the hillbilly heroin is, if you get on it, there is no help if you want to get off of it. I was horrified.

I just needed to take a minute to get that out because it had been bothering me ever since I heard it.

What do you guys think?

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