Monday, January 16, 2012

Thought provoking

So I am coming off of a stomach bug that may or may not have been the cause of my three day migraine from hell last week. I felt awful, I couldn't get anything done and I felt like a narcoleptic in class.  It sucked. I am however, thankful to be more back to my old self today.  I still have some residual nausea, but I am able to think and concentrate.

That sure does make it easier to study and make progress on projects for school.

So the current project that I am up to is a research paper for Obstetrics.  I don't really know that I could count it as a research paper since it is only supposed to be two pages long, but it is on current trends in modern obstetrics.  There are several suggestions that we can use, or we can come up with our own, and leave it to me to come up with something controversial and, I think, thought provoking.

I am sure that it will do it's fair share of pissing people off and making them call me all sorts of names. It's ok, I can take it, at least I will make people think.  I think that once I'm finished with the paper, I'll post it here for who ever is interested to read.

The topic I have chosen is "Genetic Engineering and Eugenics in Modern Obstetrics."

Hehehe, what do you think?

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