Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My garden this year

So I've been asked what I am growing this year.  I am going to run down the list.  Also, keep in mind, I am growing all this in a duplex apartment, with no outside faucet.

*Sugar Daddy Peas

*Super Snappy Peas

*Blue Lake Pole Beans

*Red Beefsteak Tomatoes


*Straight Eight Cucumbers


*Mediterranean Oregano


*Mint julep

*Pineapple Mint

*Chocolate Mint

*Golden Cayenne

*Yellow Bell Pepper


*All Seasons Romaine Lettuce

*Looseleaf Lettuce Mix- includes Black Seeded Simpson, Red Salad Bowl, Royal Oak Leaf, Lollo Rossa, & Salad Bowl

*[5 peppers from a Hot Pepper Mix

*[2 Peppers from a Sweet Heirloom Mix

I think that's everything!  If I could figure out how to grow more, I totally would!

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