Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It begins

     One of the messages said that there were several things that were going to happen and I shouldn't try to analyze them.

     So they started.  I just saw a brown rabbit in my backyard as I was rinsing out the tea pitcher.  Since I have never seen one out there in the two years that we have lived here, I would normally pull out my Animal Guide book and see what her message is.  But I am resisting the urge.

     Instead, I just stood there and watched her hop around in the yard and hop away.  I just watched her and let her bring a smile to my face. 

     On another note, I am struggling with being very testy.  I don't mean to be, but it seems like even the smallest thing is getting on my last nerve.  I am hoping that it can be attributed to stress.  I feel like crying a lot.  I truly *AM* at peace with what ever is going to happen on Monday, but it doesn't keep me from being hormonal.


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