Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Tigers?

It may be odd to some people that I have tigers all over my blog.  Tigers are not one of the animals that I talk about a lot, and most people flat out know that I love cows.  Yes cows.  The big black and white domino cows are my favorite, and most of my friends and family knows that I have a collection of cows.  The only other thing that I really collect are snowmen.

So why tigers?

I have felt an affinity for tigers for some time. I find them entrancing and beautiful.  I never really understood why until I spent some time examining my faith and my own personal belief system.  Tigers are associated with healing

To me that more or less says it all.  Tigers are associated with healing and that is why I feel so strongly connected to them.  It's really more than that.  Tiger is my animal guide.  I forget what, exactly, my book says about tigers being your animal guide, but I will have to look when I get home.

Right now, I am simply writing as a means of decompression from work.  I will edit this when I get home and put it in here though.  Right now,  I think I have some other topics I need to work out.


If Tiger is your power animal:
  • You're naturally clairvoyant, with the gift of prophecy that becomes stronger and more evident as you age.
  • You're a healer, and due to your strong tactile sensitivites, your best vehicle for healing is performing some kind of bodywork.
  • You're solitary and nocturnal and do your best work at night.
  • You're adventurous, powerful, and passionate, and enjoy life to the fullest.
  • You enjoy playing sports, particularly ones that are physically demanding.

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