Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Adventure

Well, Raven is getting a snake.  I am not afraid of snakes, but I have never had one.  He is so excited!  On the up side, the person we are getting it from is giving it away for free because he got a new one and simply doesn't have room for all of them. Honestly, to me that says don't buy a new snake, but that is just my opinion, LOL!
This is a python, I am guessing a ball python, so I have been reading up on them while I have had a little bit of down time here at work.  He is supposed to be picking it up tonight, and the guy is giving him the entire set up and a rat for this week, and it eats one rat every other week.  Just so you know, I was pricing rats online, and the rats themself don't cost very much, but the shipping is outrageous!  I guess it would have to be considering they are frozen and need to stay froze, and come next day air, but dag on!  The shipping costs 3-4 times what the actual rats cost. 
Oh well, you guys have to wish me luck on this adventure.  If it eats my cat or my dog, I'll have snake for dinner.  Raven has been warned that he needs to make sure it can't get out. 

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